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Glenn Roberts, Jr., Fence Builder Extroidanaire

Specialty fences, standard fences or security fences, Glenn can create just the fence you need and in a price range to fit your budget. Why does he do this? Because he takes pride in simple jobs or small jobs just as much as the big ones. And the reason is because he built his company from the ground up and takes pride in doing things right. Glenn has been building beautiful fences for 23 years and for the last 13 of those he has done it with his name and company on the line. Glenn works out of several locations but prefers his Rialto, Caifornia office. All Built Fence Company can handle residential, commercial or industrial projects. Glenn has worked as a painter, attended a welding trade school, poured concrete, worked in construction, done electrical work and many related jobs, but his specialty is constructing, building, designing and maintaining various types of fences and gates. He is licensed and bonded, owns all necessary tools and equipment to do a great job and naturally you can appreciate his motto, "Any job big or small, do it right or not at all!"

Glenn Roberts, Jr.

Glenn lived in Texas as a young man and came to California to share in the 49'er gold. During this time he learned how to work with his hands and just never could be happy at a job that kept him cooped up in an office. Building fences was a wonderful way to use his creativity and he came to love the freedom of working without the confines of a roof or walls penning him in, even though he never did locate that promised gold. His California fences however, and a "little Miss" back at the ranch have served to keep him here in our great state. He still believes in "Southern Hospitality" though, and this is evident in the way he treats his clients. By the way....Glenn built this table too for a happy client!

Quote Policy Free quotes can be given over the phone if the customer is fairly sure of what they want and can accurately describe the details and approximate measurements of the job. Glenn is pretty good at helping the customer do this. Phone quotes are generally valid but of course will change if the actual project or materials or scope of the job is different than described.As a rule the final price will fall within 10% of the actual price quoted on the phone if there are no siginificant changes. On the site quotes are available, but a non-refundable fee of 25.00 is required to cover the cost of travel expenses. This fee will apply to the cost of the job however if All Built Fence Co is hired and a contract for the job quoted is signed.

Guarantee Policy All work is guaranteed to be done to the specifications in the contract and Glenn will also strive to meet the expectations of the client as well. Glenn will do all he can within reason to insure the customer is happy with the work performed. See our testamonial page for comments from some of our many satisfied new fence owners. A great deal of our work comes from "word of mouth" which is further proof of the quality of our product. In fact, Glenn often has trouble "leaving a neighborhood" because the people living there see his work, have a chance to meet him and then want to hire him. Buyer beware if someone tells you they can get that fence done for you in a day or two at a "too good to be true" rate.. Remember you get what you pay for! Even so, Glenn is very competitive with his prices although he insists on using top grade materials and is a master craftsman. Good fences are rarely rushed, and after all good fences make good neighbors, and increase property values, so let Glenn build you a great one!!

Payment Plans The standard policy of All Built Fence Co is for the customer to pay a sign-up deposit of 10% or $100.00 dollars whichever is less and this is due upon receipt of a signed contract. This is refundable if the job is cancelled in writing within three days. Fifteen to twenty-five percent more is due once materials have been delivered and the job is underway. Another progress payment of 25% is due when the project is halfway. Balance is due upon completion. In some circumstances other payment arrangements may be made, but this is solely at the descretion of Glenn. These are on a case by case basis. Forms of payment include cash, check, money order or cashier's checks.

Permit Procedures Permits can be obtained at the Building and Planning Department of the city in which the job will be done and this can be accomplished by either the homeowner or Glenn, the contractor. If the homeowner is unavailable, then a letter from them granting permission will be required. If a job necessitates participation of more than one homeowner then each property line involved will need to have signed approval statements authorizing the work. Prices vary greatly with each jurisdiction and any work that deviates from the normal standards of a city or neighborhood will increase costs significantly and be difficult to obtain. Glenn can assist with or obtain the permits required, but the fees for doing this and the extra time involved can be very costly. It will be well worth your time to pull your own permits. A simple diagram, and a brief description of the job and completion of some city forms will usually do it-oh and some big bucks for the city coffers.....

Work Completion SchedulesMost work is guaranteed to be completed in 30 days from "quote to final" but frequently it is finished in 15 days. If the materials are quickly available and there are no other issues or other work pending, Glenn may complete within a week, but this is unusual. Each job contracted for will be done in the order received, so the sooner you want the fence, the quicker you need to sign up!!

Contact Information All Built Fence Co may be reached at the following numbers 24/7.. If there is no answer, please leave a message and Glenn himself or someone else will get back to you right away.
1. (760)-378-3978
Glenn may also be emailed at: Please put "Fence Inquiry" in the subject box so it will get past our spam filters.

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